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Book of the month: Neon Soul

February's book of the month: The best pick me up poetry for rainy days

Neon-Soul by Alex Elle is the type of book every creative should have in their book collection.


She's they type of woman you need in your life after a relationship breakdown, a tough week at work, or just one of though days where nothing seems to go right. Or for me, it was after my miscarriage.

I first stumbled across American self-care advocate when I found her instagram account. She's real, honest and her writing melts even the coldest of hearts. There was something about how she bared her soul - with no shame - that I just loved, she offers a vulnerability that's hard not to warm too.


I'd pack Neon Soul away in my bag before I left the house, on my lunch breaks I'd soak up her short prose, reading each one was like a top up on energy. It was my own kind of therapy I guess, filling up my soul with her little bullets of self-care.

Her own struggle with miscarriage and her rebirth from that set back will always stay with me. Her writing set me alive, and pushed me back into a happy space.

If you haven't really ever dabbled in the of world poetry before, this is a great place to start. Thank you Alex.


I am trying not to be angry

with my body for this.

but who says

let me give you the sun

just to extinguish it upon receipt?

- Alex Elle.

Written by Leah

Hi, I’m Leah. Right now I’m about to head back to work after 15 months on maternity leave. For over a decade I've worked as a TV and radio at the BBC. I love travel, self-help, cooking and poetry. You can find me on Twitter or Instagram.


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