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Ricky's heading to CBBC's Summer Social

The CBBC Summer Social three-day extravaganza at Croxteth Country Park in Liverpool

As ever, the summer months are a wash of festivals for grown-ups. This year... that's going to change with CBBC's first ever festival for kids.

CBBC Newsround's longest serving presenter Ricky Boleto will be meeting the crowds and giving tips on how to be a newsreader.

Other CBBC favourites include, Hacker T. Dog and Sam and Mark. They will be joined by singer, Johnny Orlando and YouTube sensation Max and Harvey. Bookworms will have the chance to meet famous authors and toddlers can have their picture taken with Mr. Tumble.

Ricky said: "It's about time young people get the opportunity to drag their parents to a festival that's aimed entirely at children and teens. I can't wait to meet the audience."


Ricky will also be reporting from the event live on BBC Breakfast on Saturday the 3rd of August, giving adults (and kids) a flavour of what they can expect!

Oh... and if you're into gunge, slime and bogies - there will be plenty of that too!

CBBC Summer Social is taking place across three days in August (3rd -5th) at Croxteth Country Park in Liverpool.
Cbbc Studio
Cbbc Summer Social Team
Cbbc Summer Social Hacker

"It's about time young people get the chance to drag their parents to a festival that's aimed entirely at children and teens. I can't wait to meet the audience."

- Ricky

Written by Ricky

Hi, I'm Ricky. I'm a journalist and presenter having worked at the BBC, Sky and Channel 5 over the last 12 years. When I'm not on air, I'm in the kitchen and throwing around my 1-year-old son. You can also find me on Twitter or Instagram.


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            Ricky's heading to CBBC's Summer Social - Ricky &amp; Leah


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