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Where's the best tapas in Barcelona?

La Panxa del Bisbe in Barcelona offers up little treasures of culinary delight, that keep you coming back

It was a warm afternoon, we'd eaten ice cream and wondered around the electrifying Park Güell with no real idea of where to stop for a bite to eat...

We basked in the knowledge that we had a full day ahead, but first we needed fuel.

I can't remember who recommended La Panxa del Bisbe, but I'm so glad they did. It's one of those cool, word of mouth gems, slightly aloof places and not pretentious. Off the beaten track, if you're not looking for it, maybe you'd miss it. And believe me, you do not want to miss out on the exciting take on modern tapas.


In a nutshell the food here has a creative twist, portions are small, but on this occasion that's what we were looking for. Less is more and all that. Order the octopus on a bed of watermelon and mash - it was sensational, fresh, seasoned and so beautiful, we could have eaten the entire creature.

As each dish came in true tapas style we could not believe how how every bite went above and beyond what we expected. The potato croquettes - warm, smooth, balanced flavours that ping around the mouth, leaving you wanting more.

Barcelona Croquette
Barcelona Octopus Close
Barcelona Octopus Wide
Barcelona Desert

Of course there are many tapas bars scattered around Barcelona but we didn't want just anything on our babymoon. I was six months pregnant and over the queasy morning sickness, I was ready to explore food options seriously. And Dad to be Ricky, was enjoying 12 hours of sleep a night!


In terms of your dining surroundings, there's plenty of space and light, minimal decor, it had a London bar vibe without the pretentiousness. And in the sunshine it was warm and welcoming.

If this was my last meal on planet earth I would make a booking for La Panxa del bisbe.

- Leah

In the glow of the afternoon, with our bellies and my bump satisfied, snoozing safely inside mum, we took off for another walk in the late afternoon sunshine. Leaving La Panxa del Bisbe - which is kind of hard - you want to go back for one last dish, one last desert, the type of restaurant that just keeps giving you more.

Barcelona Leah Restaurant
Written by Leah

Hi, I’m Leah. Right now I’m about to head back to work after 15 months on maternity leave. For over a decade I've worked as a TV and radio at the BBC. I love travel, self-help, cooking and poetry. You can find me on Twitter or Instagram.


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