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Fattoria San Martino in Tuscany: A retreat from the ordinary

Our first holiday as a family of three in Italy

As we drove away from the gates of Fattoria San Martino, the sun was dipping behind the winding vineyards.

The sky a hazy blue, a flash of raspberry; our yellow three-story home for the last four nights got smaller and smaller in the rear-view mirror.

And we both knew we had just experience a holiday that would stay with us forever. As our ten month old snoozed in the backseat, I laid back and breathed a sigh of relief. We had just survived our first holiday as a trio.


It's hard to put a finger on one thing that makes this place just work. Was it the smell of the lavender bushes as you walk in? The endless vineyard fields, the calm serenity of the freshwater pool, or the fact we arrived having spent the day in Florence in the sunshine, our bellies full of pasta, bread, coffee and yes, a little wine.

Fattoria Leah Reflection
San Martino Lounge
San Martino
Italy Leah
Leah In The Garden

We'd touched down in Pisa and enjoyed the afternoon in Florence. You wouldn't necessarily think a baby and Tuscany go hand in hand but you forget one special rule in Italy, kids are like a golden ticket to the front of the queue, great tables and swift service.

It was a little overwhelming at first as we whizzed around the cobbled streets, but being organised is the name of the game, and working around Enzo's naps seemed to work best for us. Plus, we didn't go anywhere without our sling. Enzo loved being part of all the action and we felt so free to wonder about in the sunshine.

The early evening was just taking its grip on the afternoon sky and the mist was rolling in over the vast vineyards, a spectacular sight.


A warm welcome from Karin who has sprinkled her artistic flare everywhere, from the gardens to the rooms. "It's about striking a balance, a sense of calm," says Karin.

"Everything we use on the grounds to the rooms is eco-friendly. And that also flows through to our guests. We learn from the people who stay here and we hope people take something away from us too."

And that balance that Karin talks about washes over you, the warm hug, the individually designed rooms, the views of the village. It's a melting pot of calm, even with a ten month old baby in tow.

The overwhelming feeling like you were visiting old friends. As we were shown to our rooms we both felt like we had stepped into a romantic movie, the gardens were in full bloom still, the dogs lazing over.

A holiday so special - the entire experience left us feeling inspired to travel more eco-friendly, to source food more wisely and most importantly to know that no holiday is off limits.


Fattoria San Martino is a rural guesthouse, just a short walk outside the walls of Montepulciano - a medieval town in Tuscany. You can find out more here and make a booking.
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