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Book of the month: 'It Starts with the Egg'

Out book of the month this January is all about improving your chances of getting pregnant

Each month we will be reviewing books we love, books that have left a lasting impression or books that have made us think differently. This January I'll be reviewing Rebecca Fett's, 'It Starts with the Egg.'

I can’t tell you the amount of times times I’ve recommended this book to women who are either struggling with fertility or have suffered the devastating hardship of miscarriage.

I’ve mentioned it in passing to older women who thought their chances of having a baby later in life were dashed because of a preconceived idea that, once over the age of 35, it was game over for your ovaries.


Rebecca Fett’s 'It Starts with the Egg', is a cool-headed guide to what women can to to improve egg quality (and yes it’s possible), how to recover from miscarriage and how to survive the long and difficult journey of IVF.

I first found this book after my first round of IVF in 2016 which resulted in a twin miscarriages and I was desperate to find something I could do to improve my chances, as our next round of IVF wasn’t promised on the NHS.

Six months after reading this book and implementing some of the recommendations including acupuncture I fell pregnant naturally with our beautiful baby Enzo.

'It Starts with the Egg', is a well resourced book, full of really accessible hands on advice that you can implement easily.


The biggest thing I took away from this book was the wonder vitamin Ubiquinol which has the potential to prevent or even reverse egg quality that comes with age. But there’s so much more you can do too.

This book made me think differently about my own fertility. A worthwhile investment if you have tried all over avenue to conceive.

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Written by Leah

Hi, I’m Leah. Right now I’m about to head back to work after 15 months on maternity leave. For over a decade I've worked as a TV and radio at the BBC. I love travel, self-help, cooking and poetry. You can find me on Twitter or Instagram.


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